Diploma Degree subjects

A Diploma Degree subject provides you with competencies that are equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree programme.

You can take a single subject, an entire programme or tailor-make your own programme that best matches your needs and desires. 

In this way, you can tailor a higher educational programme that suits your needs and desires. 

Diploma Degree programmes

The programme is equivalent to 60 ECTS credits and you can either study during the day or in the evening whilst you pursue your career. 

You can take the complete Diploma Degree programme in 2-3 years, or you can use the individual subjects as autonomous competency-developing courses. You can typically take one subject, equivalent to 10 ECTS, every six months. 

At the moment we only offer our subjects in English for company groups, but please contact us for any additional information. If you want an entire programme you can also combine your English subjects with our Danish part-time Academy Profession degree subjects.