Are you having problems with the application form?

If you’re having problems applying via our online application form, the following may explain why:

  • You have forgotten to fill in a required field. This will be shown by a red mark in the applicable box, a red arrow next to the box or a red text on the top of the application form.
  • You have not put checked the box ‘Under liability according to Danish law...’ at the bottom of the form. This will be shown by a red arrow next to the box.

If you have problems uploading your files, please remember:

  • You can’t upload files from your mobile phone
  • You can only upload PDF, JPG, JPEG and PNG
  • The files must not be too large (max 20 MB) – and you can upload max 50 MB in total
  • The file name must be short and without any special characters (eg. /%=)

If this does not help, then open the form in a different browser, e.g. Internet Explorer.