‘You are practice-orientated. And great importance is attached to cooperation with companies’

Why do you collaborate with Business Academy Aarhus?

I collaborate with you because I’m curious to see how business academies can be part of the research community. You are part of the largest type of teaching institution in Denmark, and since I have not cooperated with your type of institution before, I would like to learn more about the business academies.

I was therefore curious to monitor you and help you in the process to become a new player in the field of research. My role is therefore to ensure appropriate research standards. For example, I have helped to define methods, questions and criteria for success in this research project.

How Business Academy Aarhus and Aarhus University complement each other?

We operate in different ways and have different interfaces. To start with, we are more theoretical in our approach. You typically work with small and medium-sized enterprises, whereas we often work with the larger ones.

Why is a research project about practice-orientated knowledge gathering interesting for you to participate in?

It is a very ambitious project. Since I work with innovation projects on a daily basis, I am obviously interested in seeing how Business Academy Aarhus works with and evaluates these types of projects. I am sincerely interested in contributing with academic and scientific sparring and input.

Often in evaluations, one tends to ask questions, which merely confirm what one wants to hear. But in this project, there is a curiosity, courage and openness to take a step back and start with a blank slate. I am pleased, therefore, to monitor the process and see the results.