Effective purification of stormwater runoff

The research project aims to test the effect of one or more purifying methods on selected pollutants. Several different methods are used to drain the large quantities of stormwater from roads or inhabited areas. Stormwater contains pollutants that must be removed before it soaks into the groundwater or flows into streams.

The project has been conceived as a series of pilot experiments, which will be established in a laboratory, but there is potential for a larger collaborative project.

More and more rain is falling

Increased rainfall is an increasing problem and therefore climate adaptations are appropriate for many people. Our drains and sewer systems cannot keep up with the increased amounts of precipitation, so alternative solutions for the drainage of stormwater must be found. These alternative solutions are, among other things, Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) also known as Local Rainwater Harvesting. Stormwater that is drained from the city surfaces, from roads and in industrial areas, will be contaminated with, among other things, heavy metals and plastic softeners.

Effectivity of pollutant removal methods

This project is expected to contribute with findings documenting the effectiveness of known filtration technologies, when these are used in different application contexts. Among other things, we work with a filter of crushed carbonated concrete, which is a residual product from concrete production. This filter will be tested for its ability to retain pollutants.

In addition, it will clarify whether the method in question can be optimised, should be subjected to further tests or is considered not-applicable for the desired purpose. This is beneficial for the environment, municipalities, consultants and producers of purifying solutions.

Cooperation partners

Project period and contact person

  • Project period: 1 August 2014 - 31 June 2016
  • Project Manager: Bente Møller Marcussen
Ulla Haahr


Ulla Haahr

Head of Research

Mail: ulha@baaa.dk

Phone: +45 4188 6004