Flipped Classroom - opportunities and barriers

The aim of this project is to investigate how the flipped classroom method affects motivation and learning among students at Business Academy Aarhus. At the same time, we will try to clarify what type of student the method works best on by using, among other things, learning style tests.

The project will result in an evaluation of the method in the light of the experience gained, and will contain an assessment of the opportunities and barriers as well as recommendations in relation to the use of the flipped classroom method at the Academy in the future.

Testing across programmes

In this project, we will gather experience by applying the flipped classroom method in concrete teaching situations across multiple programmes within the fields of Chemical and Biotechnical Science, Business/Finance, Environmental Management and HR.

6 programmes, 9 lecturers, 12 classes and 330 students are involved in the project.

New learning forms benefit both lecturers and students

My goal with testing the flipped classroom method is to improve the students’ preparation. They will then become more independent, which will give me more time and I can then use this time to help them solve their assignments in class.

Tilde Mathiasen Kornum, Lecturer, Business Academy Aarhus

The students who participated in the project used the videos in different ways:

I watched the video without stopping, and afterwards I watched it again with my book. If there was anything that I was in doubt about, I stopped and followed in my book. I think it is smart that you can pause, and the stuff I didn’t understand I can watch again so that it makes more sense.

Ann-Sofie Frovst, student, Business Academy Aarhus

I used it mostly as a supplement or repetition in relation to when I have read a chapter. We get more assignments to solve, and this is really good, because I learn best by doing assignments. I am very positive about it.

Michael Toft Rasmussen, student, Business Academy Aarhus

Digital learning forms must increase motivation and learning

The results of the project will:

motivate lecturers to test and implement new forms of teaching, provide input for further development of our pedagogical platform and form the foundation for the development of new digital learning forms.

  • increase the students’ motivation and learning.
  • have relevance for other Danish educational institutions.
  • contribute to more research in this area.

Cooperation with @ventures and the University of Southern Denmark

Project period and contact person

  • Project period: August 2014 – February 2016
  • Project Manager: Mette Risgaard Olsen
Mette Risgaard Olsen


Mette Risgaard Olsen

Senior Lecturer

Mail: mrol@baaa.dk

Phone: +45 7228 6233