Smart glasses in agriculture

This research project will streamline workflows in agriculture using Google Glass and the development of new applications.

Google Glass is a pair of electronic glasses developed by Google. They show internet-based information in a hands-free, voice-controlled smartphone-like format.

The research project aims to identify and improve the efficiency and quality of workflows in Danish agriculture by bringing technology into the production area– and focuses on both time saving and optimisation.

The technology used is ‘wearable’ technology — in this case, ‘smart glasses’. In addition, an industry-specific application will be developed and tested.

Technology moves into the production area

Google Glass is an example of ‘wearable’ technology – technology, which in this case is worn on the nose. In recent years, there has been a lot of focus on how these technologies affect the individual consumer, but now there is also a growing interest for their potential in professional contexts.

The potential for manual workers is especially big, since it allows them to have computer and phone technology available by using voice control, instead of needing busy hands.

New technology and new applications

The project results from the agricultural testing will be published. In addition, it will:

  • create knowledge about the usefulness of smart glass in professional workflows.
  • increase our understanding of the technology and its possibilities.
  • prepare the Academy’s students for technological developments.
  • in the long term, provide a breeding ground for the development of smart glass applications, which can also be used in other manufacturing industries.

Cooperation partners

By combining Business Academy Aarhus’ focus on problem solving and practical relevance with Aarhus University’s research expertise and scientific rigor, the project contributes to an understanding of how technology can make business processes and workflows in various companies more ‘intelligent’ and cost effective.

Sune Dueholm Müller, Associate Professor at Aarhus University

The project is a collaboration between Business Academy Aarhus, Aarhus University and SEGES.

This project was widely mentioned in a variety of Danish quality newspapers, unfortunately only in Danish, but the information is available upon request.

Project period and contact person

  • Project period: May 2014 - May 2015
  • Project Manager: Morten Mathiasen