Trust in Danish agriculture companies based in Eastern Europe

This research project will examine the value of trust in the Danish agricultural companies in Eastern Europe. Furthermore, we will examine what specific measures are used in companies, and whether these contribute to increased trust and increased efficiency

This project wishes to contribute to a greater understanding of how trust can be supported in companies and will devise ways to promote trust.

Does trust contribute to better economic performance?

In addition, the project examines the relationship between the degree of trust in a department and the production results – and thus the economic results.

The project will gather knowledge through literature studies and field studies. Axzon Group (Donosha, Ukraine) and DanSlovakia are cases for the project itself, as they work determinedly to build trust.

Secondly, the project will:

  • provide a better understanding of where management in Danish agriculture companies can promote the building of trust and thus obtain benefits such as increased speed, effective cooperation and communication as well as a lower costs.
  • contribute to companies being able to target their focus in relation to recruitment and staff development, as well as in management and organisational structures and systems.
  • contribute to upcoming agricultural managers having better skills to meet management challenges abroad and manage foreign employees within Danish agriculture.

Dissemination at conferences and new teaching material

The project will result in speeches at conferences and teaching material for Business Academy Aarhus’ programmes.

Managerial challenges for Danish agriculture companies in Eastern Europe

Danish agriculture in Eastern Europe has expanded, and in many ways it is challenging to start an agricultural company up in Eastern Europe, especially in regards to economics, culture and, not least, managerially.

Trust is currently the subject of research across the globe, because trust is generally challenged by globalisation and, at the same time, it is considered to be the solution to many managerial challenges.

Management styles in Denmark are characterised by few employees, flat hierarchy, skilled labour, high level of intrinsic motivation and independence. In addition, in Denmark we take a high level of trust for granted, whereas Eastern European countries only have very low levels of trust.

Cooperation partners

Project period and contact person

  • Project period: 1 August 2014 – 1 July 2016
  • Project Manager: Pie Ann Louise Munksgaard
Ulla Haahr


Ulla Haahr

Head of Research


Phone: +45 4188 6004