Experts in Teams – today, tomorrow, together | 1-2 June 2016

Interdisciplinary Teamwork Skills for the 21st Century

We look forward to welcoming you to the seminar ‘Experts in Teams – today, tomorrow, together’ on the 1-2 June 2016. An out-of-the-ordinary seminar, where the tempo will be high, and where your contribution is essential for the mutual benefit of all participants.

As soon as you enter Business Academy Aarhus on 1 June 2016, you can look forward to many hours of concentration where you can test the ‘Experts in Teams’ method within an interdisciplinary team. You will be challenged by a number of disrupters that come with ‘insights from the outside’.

The value of putting together a diverse team – and then using this diversity – is insanely important.

— Flemming Horn Nielsen, Director, Dong Energy, oil and gas activities, 10 February 2016.


The seminar has received funding from Nordplus Horizontal. 




The method behind 'Experts in Teams'