About the seminar

Get information about the structure and content of the seminar – and see how you will benefit.

The seminar further develops themes from the conference ‘Its21-Interdisciplinary Teamwork Skills for the 21st Century’, which was held at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in June 2015.

The future’s key competencies

The purpose of the seminar is to highlight 'Experts in Teams' as one of the future’s key competencies. Therefore, we will gather principal Scandinavian participants from companies and educational institutions.

We will provide you with a wide range of perspectives on interdisciplinary collaboration skills through short presentations (disruptions), which will challenge your world view. The seminar will create unique learning arenas, where you can enter into dialogue with companies and institutions. Learn more about learning arenas and disruptions

Not familiar with 'Experts in Teams'? Then read more about the method at www.ntnu.no/eit.

How will you benefit?

By participating in this seminar you will receive:

  • knowledge about the collaboration method 'Experts in Teams' at theoretical and practical levels.
  • inspiring, forward-looking disruptions, which puts the 'Experts in Teams' method into perspective.
  • cooperation in teams, where you take part and contribute to the Experts in Teams' Chronicle 2016.
  • inspiration and ideas on how you can use 'Experts in Teams' in your company or educational institution.
  • an opportunity to discuss presentations and contributions with other participants, which can provide a more nuanced view of interdisciplinarity.
  • inspiration for new developments in your company or educational institution.

What does the seminar answer?

  • What is the value of an interdisciplinary team for a global company?
  • Does 'Experts in Teams' resonate with newly established entrepreneurial companies?
  • Is 'Experts in Teams' a mirage or a welcome disruption for the Scandinavian educational institutions?
  • Is 'Experts in Teams' a unique competency for the students?

Interdisciplinary collaboration

The objectives of the seminar is to:

  • promote the debate about interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation – with an aim to developing companies and educational institutions through new innovative practices.
  • create unique learning arenas, which brings key players together and creates a new vision for 'Experts in Teams'.
  • bring companies and the educational world together and thus promote cooperation between the different sectors in Scandinavia.
  • give the opportunity to share experience and ongoing results from the 'Experts in Teams' network.

The Experts in Teams’ Chronicle

A common vision for the 'Experts in Teams' network needs to be further developed. Therefore, we will use contributions from the interdisciplinary teams to create the Experts in Teams' Chronicle. 


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The method behind 'Experts in Teams'

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