Learning arenas and disruptions

Learning arenas

One of the corner stones for 'Experts in Teams' is interdisciplinary collaboration and meeting people you don't know in advance, specifically people who have a different academic background to you. This gives you the opportunity to try things out in a learning arena.

The aim is that all participants try working in an interdisciplinary team. You must contribute with your perspectives and ideas for future development areas for 'Experts in Teams'. The work is arranged according to three themes: Global, Education or SME. As an introduction to each learning arena there is a disruption, which – together with the morning’s disruptions – frames the learning arena.

In each learning arena, there are facilitators and minute takers who manage the process and collect information for the ‘Experts in Teams Chronicle’.


We use the word disruption because the seminar should contribute to creating small shock waves and disrupting the existing order. Educational institutions in the 'Experts in Teams' network experience a large demand for this method, but at the same time, there are a number of barriers in education, which impede programmes like 'Experts in Teams'.

That is why this seminar asks some of the principal actors in business, entrepreneurship and education to put the method into perspective through ‘insights from the outside’. Is there a match between what educational institutions offer and the needs that the companies have?


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The method behind 'Experts in Teams'

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