#disruption 1: 25 years of flying in Kaos

Bo Blaabjerg, Head of Consulting, Kaospilot

The Kaospilot is a 25 years old alternative business school placed in Aarhus. Over 700 have graduated from the school and one third of them run their own business

About The Kaospilots

Kaospilot is a hybrid business and design school, a multi-sided education in leadership and entrepreneurship. Our teaching programmes are not designed simply to shape students to fit the future, but to help them create it.

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Introduction to disruption

Bo Blaabjerg will give a short presentation of the school and the community around it. He will give perspectives on the hidden curriculum - what creates a Kaospilot, and what is the secret behind their success. 


Bo Blaabjerg, Head of Consulting, Kaospilot.