Extra-curricular activities

Get a larger network and new skills by taking part in extra-curricular activities at Business Academy Aarhus. 

The network is for those of you who would like to remain in contact with the Academy and your fellow students. EAlumne is an online network where you can sign up, fill out a profile and create or extend your professional network – both with current and former classmates and other alumni from the academy. Take part in exclusive academic and social events, as well as getting special member offers - membership is free.

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Studenterhus Aarhus is a lively meeting place for all Danish and international students in Aarhus. The student house is open to the public, where you as a student can organise activities, throw parties, strengthen your career options, or make friends for the rest of your life. They have a cafe and a bar, and the cafe offers a place for you to hold your study group meetings or projects. Every week the student house host several events, both cultural, social, academic and career-related. On Tuesdays, they arrange “International Nights” which is the perfect opportunity for you to mingle with other international and Danish students from all around Aarhus. You can visit as a regular guest, a volunteer or join as a member. Membership is not mandatory but entitles you to various discounts for events and special invites exclusive for members. It costs around DKK 100, and you are automatically a member if you are an exchange student. You can pick up your membership card from Student House Aarhus by presenting your student card. You can still join their events and activities if you are not a member.

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Have an influence on your programme.

Most of the programmes at the Academy have their own Student Council. The Student Council allows you to have a say on your programme and organises social activities across classes. Each class elects two representatives to represent them in the Student Council. The Student Council works closely with the interdisciplinary Academy Council.

The Academy Council is the student's opportunity to have a direct say on their daily life as a student at Business Academy Aarhus.

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