Flatmate inspired Rie to study in Budapest

Marketing management student Rie Mastrup Mogensen is going to Hungary’s capital city to do her third semester at the International Business School in Budapest.

Rie is the first Danish student from Business Academy Aarhus to take a semester in Budapest. Rie has already found a dorm room close to the historic centre and is taking a lot of good tips and background knowledge with her as her flatmate is from Hungary. 

‘I also looked at Canada and the United States but decided on Budapest because my Hungarian flatmate, Nikki, has told me so much about the beautiful city and shown me a lot of pictures. She convinced me that this was just the place for me. I am really looking forward to experiencing the beautiful old buildings and the Eastern European mentality,’ says the 25-year-old marketing management student.

A stay abroad improves your CV

At IBS, International Business School in Budapest, Rie will study subjects such as marketing, economics, law, and personal leadership – the last two are electives.

‘Academically, I hope to strengthen my English and learn a lot in terms of my programme. CV wise, I hope that my stay is an advantage because it shows that I am willing to adapt and not afraid of academic challenges. I expect that it will be challenging and difficult because all the teaching is in English and is at a high level since the school has a very good  international.’

Rie comes from the West Jutland town of Skjern and previously lived and worked a year in Norway as a pedagogue.  Other than a trip to Italy, travelling is not something that has filled Ries life. That is why she is so pleased to go.

Erasmus scholarship and private savings

Rie has an Erasmus scholarship for about DKK 8000 and personal savings. This should cover her living costs for the five months she will be gone.

‘I think it will be worth every penny. The cost of living is cheaper than in Denmark. That is why I have also opted out of taking my government grant with me so I will use my savings instead. A dorm room close to the centre costs only DKK 3000 per month,’ she says. 

You can follow Rie’s experiences as a student in Budapest at studentblogs.org, where she will blog about her stay.

International experience for students

Danish and international students from Business Academy Aarhus will spend a semester in Canada, the United States, Malaysia, New Zealand, France, Spain, Cyprus, England, Germany or Hungary this year.

Business Academy Aarhus has agreements for student exchange with over 70 partner institutions in 25 countries. You can also travel abroad with your programme.