Lukas took his educational programme and student job to Cyprus

22-year-old Lukas Vanagas took the second semester of his Bachelor's degree in Web Development in Cyprus and encourages his fellow students to likewise travel and experience the world while they are studying.

Can you educate yourself and experience the world at the same time? Yes, definitely.

As an IT Technology student, Lukas Vanagas spent a semester in South Korea and later as a Bachelor student in Web Development he took another semester abroad at the European University Cyprus.

Lukas comes from Lithuania by the way and is studying in Denmark.

‘I am adventurous so when the opportunity presented itself, I immediately grabbed it. To be allowed to go out while studying and experience a different culture is a gift and a memory for life,’ says Lukas, who comes from the town of Kaunas in Lithuania but has lived, studied and worked in Denmark for the past three years.

New friends and a warmer climate

In Cyprus, Lukas lived in the capital Nicosia, a city the size of Aarhus, where the European University Cyprus is also located.

Lukas shared a flat with a Ukrainian and two Poles who are also international students. There was time to have fun and to be serious students.

‘Academically and socially, it was a really good half year,’ says Lukas.


Halfway through the semester, the Mediterranean island shut down due to a corona just like the rest of the world. Lukas had to stay at home and received online teaching.

‘We were not allowed to leave the city and we were only allowed to go outside once a day to shop. So, we were inside a lot or up on our roof terrace in the sunshine to work out or study. It’s a pity that many of the social activities in which I would have participated were cancelled. But despite corona, it was still a very good experience that I wouldn't have wanted to miss.’

Top marks and academic distinctions

At the university, Lukas studied subjects such as SEO, web development and marketing. He did so well that the university awarded him a certificate of academic accomplishment, the so-called “Dean’s List – Third Honors”, for having achieved the third highest marks among the university’s students that spring.

Erasmus+ grant and salary

Lukas was able to receive an Erasmus+ grant. This combined with his student grant (SU) and his salary from his Danish student job as a programmer and web developer for, which he could do from a distance, covered travel and living expenses for the six months.

‘The Erasmus scholarship was a huge help,’ says the travel-glad Web Developer, who encourages other young people to seize the opportunity and travel abroad as part of their studies.

Lots of international opportunities

Business Academy Aarhus also encourages students to go abroad and do at least one semester abroad. Students can do this as interns in a company abroad, a semester stay abroad or shorter summer school trips. Business Academy Aarhus has agreements for student exchange with over 70 partner institutions in 36 countries