On the Couch with...

... a Croatian studying Chemistry in Denmark

Welcome to ´On the Couch´, a student-led series that gets to know the people who make up the beautiful ecosystem of Business Academy Aarhus. Is it informal? Yes. Do you get to know lots of useful stuff about Denmark and studying at Business Academy Aarhus? Also, yes!

This week Rob is hosting! Take it away, Rob.

Hey, I´m Rob, and Business Academy Aarhus paid money so I would drink vodka and eggs on camera. Now if that isn't a good enough reason to even give this video a shot, then I´m not the person to convince you.

In this episode, I get to meet Ela Markulin, a second-semester Chemistry and Biotechnology Student from Croatia. She has dreams of one day working to help cure something that has directly affected her life; diabetes type 1.

If you´re looking to get a little insight into what it's like studying at Business Academy Aarhus, coming from a foreign country to live in Denmark, or just generally what the people at the school are like? Then look no further and give this a little watch.

Written and hosted by

Rob P, AP IT and Technology

About Rob: An electric skateboard fan, VR enthusiast, and ready to change the world through IT.