Personal Identification Number (CPR number) - Step 2

In Denmark, all residents are registered in the National Civil Register and have a CPR number (Personal Identification Number).

When you register at Citizen Services, you'll get a 10-digit CPR number. The first six digits state your date of birth (day, month, year) and the last four numbers uniquely identify all people living in Denmark.

You must have applied for your residency certificate before you can apply for your CPR number. Once you have received your residence certificate (this takes a couple of weeks for EU citizens and will be posted to your home address), click on the link below to upload all your documents and make an appointment with the Citizen Services in Aarhus (please note: this is only for students who live in Aarhus municipality). Non-EU students will already have a residency permit and can also upload their documents through the link below:

To get your CPR number, please see Citizen Services Aarhus

Once you have uploaded all the relevant information, you must also book a personal appointment.

The CPR number is used for registration and personal identification. It is a good idea to memorise your CPR number. You will have to use it over and over again.

It is also important that you remember to give your CPR number to the student administration at Business Academy Aarhus.

Remember that you need to de-register when you leave Denmark. This can be done online