‘It is much better than I had dared hope for’

23-year-old Simon Diedrichsen, who is studying Marketing Management, did his internship at the travel agency TravelBird in Amsterdam. A stay which has given him cultural insight, many new friendships and developed him personally and professionally.

‘I can strongly recommend that you take your internship abroad. I haven’t had any regrets,’ concludes Simon.

He worked as a product planner intern at the company TravelBird in Amsterdam. A company with approximately 550 employees from 30 different countries.

‘It was incredibly challenging and educational - both professionally and personally. TravelBird gives their interns a lot of responsibility, which I’ve enjoyed quite a lot. In fact, my internship has exceeded all of my expectations. And personally, I have developed a lot. I have become more open-minded, have gained a lot of cultural insight and not least, made tons of new friends,’ he elaborates.

Chose offers for the newsletter and followed up on sales figures

As a product planner intern, Simon worked with many different tasks. For example, he prepared analyses of market trends, selected offers for the newsletter, set prices, followed up on sales figures and helped with the day-to-day tasks.

‘In my programme, I was taught different tools. They have, along with a dose of common sense, been useful. TravelBird was good at helping me during my induction process, in relation to their internal systems and working methods. I do not think that my induction was shorter or longer than the others,’ he says.

Erasmus scholarship in his luggage

To cover some of the costs of his stay, Simon got an Erasmus scholarship which is 300 euros a month (about DKK 2,200).

Finding a furnished residence in Amsterdam was a bit of a challenge for Simon. Therefore, he lived in two temporary places, but later he found a place only 15 minutes from the city centre, where his office is located.

Simon went to Amsterdam in January and came back to Denmark in July.