China important when considering Denmark's export markets

Anne Kirstine Skytt took one semester of her Marketing Management programme in Shanghai in order to strengthen her CV and simultaneously experience an exciting and very different culture.

In mid-September, the 27-year-old Anne Kirstine Skytt from Aarhus headed off for Shanghai. This is China's most populous city with nine million in the city centre alone, and at least double so many people in the greater Shanghai area.

Anne Kirstine Skytt decided to spend the autumn there as an exchange student. As part of Business Academy Aarhus’ international strategy, students are encouraged to spend at least one semester abroad.

A stay abroad contributes to the CV

‘The Academy really encourages us to go abroad, and I see it as a good opportunity to get an upper hand for my education. Marks are one thing when companies need to hire new employees, but a stay abroad contributes a lot to your CV.', says Anne Kirstine Skytt.

She also emphasizes that companies today want employees with an international outlook.

'It is therefore incredibly important to get to know other cultures and their ways of working. It is simply about being able to stand out in a crowd,’ she says.

Business classes and culture studies

She is part of the globalisation line at the Academy, and she is far from the only student who has chosen to go abroad as an exchange student. Alone from her Marketing Management class of 30 students, seven have gone to China, two to Turkey, as well as one to the United States and one to Canada.

Overall, the Academy sends approximately 12 students from Marketing Management and 12 students from Financial Management and Services to the same University, Jianqiao University, in Shanghai where they will be taught together with 25 Chinese students.

In addition to regular classes on business, marketing and economics, the students going to Shanghai also get to study Chinese language and culture for a period of 2-8 weeks prior to the regular classes starting in September. This enables the students to learn the very basics of written and spoken Chinese.

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Focus on China - and three other countries

‘I also considered closer destinations such as Germany and France, but the Academy has a special programme with the university in China. This ensures that we get the right subjects, and seen in a larger perspective, China makes good sense when considering Denmark’s import and export markets. At the same time, I get an impression of a completely different culture,' explains Anne Kirstine Skytt.