One of the world's smallest big cities - with everything a city needs.

There is always something to experience in Aarhus.

Live music festivals and events are organised throughout the year, a fascinating nightlife is available, beautiful beaches abound, amazing forests to explore, and warm cosy restaurants, cafes and pubs to go to when you feel hungry or simply just because you want to enjoy your café latte.

Countryside in the city centre

Despite Aarhus being the second largest city in Denmark, it is a pleasant place to live with its relaxing and serene environment – due in part to the proximity to beautiful forests and beaches.

You never need to go far to experience a breath of fresh air.  


Aarhus hosts live music and theatre productions all year round, with among other things a week-long ‘party week’.

Daily life

Aarhus is a city of bicycles so you can exercise on the way to your studies or on your way downtown. Shops and cafés are open until late everyday.  

Aarhus - in numbers

  • the second largest city in Denmark
  • a population of more than 330,000 people
  • approximately 20% of the population are students (the highest percentage of students in Denmark)

Practical information

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Did you know that Aarhus has several attractions that are renowned internationally? 

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Student life in Aarhus

Aarhus has lots of activities and experiences for students. 

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