Getting around in Aarhus


It is very easy to get around in Aarhus by bicycle and nearly all students get around on bicycles as both the infrastructure and distances allow this. Aarhus is a safe city for cycling as almost all over the city you are able to use bicycle lanes. Cycling is a cheap, healthy and an environmentally friendly way of travelling.

Students may bring their own bicycle from home or buy a second hand at a fairly cheap price in Aarhus (starting from EUR 50 and up). Many students buy their bicycles from other students who have completed their studies in Aarhus but you can also buy cheap second-hand bicycles from various Facebook groups etc. 

City bus

In general, the public transportation system in terms of city buses, regional buses and trains is very functional in Aarhus, but it is quite expensive. However, the yellow city bus is an easy way to get around in Aarhus. The buses are numbered at the front and at the back - the numbers represent the bus route. 

You can buy single tickets in the bus, which cost 20 kr for 2 zones, however if you expect to use the city bus for transportation, you may consider bying a multiple ride ticket or a monthly ticket at more favourable prices. The multiride tickets must be downloaded as an App. You can also get a 'rejsekort' which can be used on public transport all over Denmark.

Bus Inspectors make random checks and you have to show a valid ticket upon request. Passengers who do not possess a valid ticket are fined DKK 750.

City bus stops are marked with a route number and a sign with a yellow bus. There is a timetable at each bus stop and the buses normally arrive on time. You can also get all timetables online. 

On Friday and Saturday selected yellow city buses run all night. Please note that you must pay double fare when using night buses.

Further information regarding city buses.


You can take the train in Aarhus with the same ticket that you use for the buses. Some of Arrivas regional trains stop at Viby Station, 200 meters from Business Academy Aarhus (Sønderhøj 30).

Journey Planner

The journey planner is incredibly helpful when you need to find out how to get to one destination from another. For instance, you can find out how to get from Copenhagen to Business Academy Aarhus by using this service. Simply type in the address of Business Academy Aarhus which is Sønderhøj 30, 8260 Viby J (you can use the letter “o” instead of the Danish letter “ø”). 

Please see for more information.


Taxis are very expensive in Denmark.

Aarhus Taxa 
Phone: +45 8948 4848

Phone: +45 7025 2525

Did you know?

One in every four inhabitants in Aarhus use their bike for their daily trip from home to work or study.  

Did you know?

Bicycle paths

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Bicycle paths

Busses in Aarhus

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Busses in Aarhus

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