Getting to Aarhus

There are different ways of reaching Aarhus, all depending on the direction from which you approach the city. It may be convenient or cheaper to go through Copenhagen or through Germany. 

The visitdenmark website offers information about bus lines, train connections and airports in Denmark and their connections to Europe. 


Aarhus is based in the middle of Denmark and may be reached by flying to one of the following airports:

Aarhus Airport (AAR) 
Aalborg Airport (AAL) 
Copenhagen Airport (CPH) 
Billund Airport (BLL) 

Please visit the websites for information on airline companies flying to Denmark and be aware that you will need further transportation to reach Aarhus from the airport.  

If you arrive at Aarhus Airport (AAR) it is possible to take the airport bus to the centre of Aarhus. For more information, please click here

If you arrive at Copenhagen Airport (CPH) train connections to Aarhus are available every half hour. For more information, please click here.


The city of Aarhus is well connected to the rest of Denmark, as well as to Europe. Trains arrive in the centre of Aarhus and the train station is well connected to the rest of the city by a large grid of city buses.

Please visit DSB's website  for further information on train connections and ticket reservations. This is where you can also find information regarding trains coming from Copenhagen to Aarhus. 


International bus companies operate routes in Denmark; for example see  Eurolines for routes to Aarhus. 

Journey Planner

The journey planner is incredibly helpful when you need to find out how to get to one destination from another. For instance, you can find out how to get from Copenhagen to Business Academy Aarhus by using this service. Simply type in the address of Business Academy Aarhus which is Sønderhøj 30, 8260 Viby J (you can use the letter “o” instead of the Danish letter “ø”). 

Please see for more information.

Getting to Aarhus

The journey planner is helpful when you need to find out how to get to one destination in Denmark from another.

The journey planner

Visit Aarhus

Did you know that Aarhus has several attractions that are renowned internationally? 

Visit Aarhus