Danish language courses

Why study Danish?

We strongly encourage our international students to learn Danish during their stay in Denmark. Your study programme is taught in English and you will be able to get by with just speaking English, however when getting to know a new culture, it is very important to speak the language. Additionally you will be looking for an internship at some point during your studies, and here, being able to speak Danish will provide you with a great advantage.

Danish lessons for free

As a foreigner in Denmark, your Danish language education is divided into 5 (or 6) modules. How far you get during a year, varies from student to student. The lessons are free of charge. There is a test after each module which must be passed so that you can continue to the next level of Danish education called ‘the Danish language training programme 3'. 

Your options

Students at the Business Academy have two options for taking Danish lessons:

The Academy cooperates with the provider UCplus. They offer classes at the Business Academy, flexibly organised to fit your schedule. As a new student, you will receive information about this option before the start of your programme.

Should the times offered by UCplus at the Business Academy not suit you, you can also follow Danish for the labour market with Lærdansk.

Further information

If you need to get in touch with UCplus, please contact Sarah S. Johnsen at ssj@ucplus.dk

Read more about Lærdansk at laerdansk.dk/aarhus