Practical information


Either a hotel in the centre of Aarhus or a hotel outside of town. Further information will be available soon.

Financial issues 

There is no tuition fee for the course. You must pay all other expenses in connection with the summer school in Aarhus. 

If you are offered a place on this summer school, a non-refundable pre-payment (amount to be announced) must be paid in approximately mid-March in order to ensure your registration. This amount pays for local transportation and some meals during the summer school etc.

 Approximate budgetin DKK 
 Transport to and from airport  500 from Cph airport, 160 from Billund airport or 115 from Aarhus airport
Accommodation (double room sharing for 2 weeks)  3346 (City Sleep) or 2750 (DBU) 
 Course related trips and transportation 1000
Meals around 100 DKK for meals each day

When you come to Aarhus, you must have:

  • non-EU citizens might need a visa, please check and let me know 
  • a valid passport
  • insurance (health and repatriation)
  • extra money for meals and other related costs