Get a student as an intern

Prepare for the future

Every year a large number of companies work with students from Business Academy Aarhus offering them internships and project assignments. For a student, teaming up with a company is a valuable opportunity to link academic theory with solid hands-on experience. By entering into internship collaboration the companies get:

  • an opportunity to have somebody carry out tasks that the company cannot otherwise find the time to do, such as development activities, calculations, campaigns or design jobs
  • new ideas, new angles, new know-how, new perspectives, new insights
  • a good basis for recruitment – an opportunity to test a potential future employee in real life
  • additional resources to deal with everyday tasks.

What qualifications does your company need?

Business Academy Aarhus offers a wide variety of higher education programmes so our students offer many different qualifications. Below is a list of the educational programmes our students attend.

Click on a programme to read more about your options for an internship:

Biotechnical, Food and Process Technology

Chemical and Biotechnical Science (AP)
Chemical and Biotechnical, Food or Process Technology (BA)


Business Economics and Information Technology (BA)
Financial Management and Services (BA)
Innovation and Entrepreneurship (BA)
International Sales and Marketing Management (BA)
Marketing Management (AP)
Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management (AP)

Environment and Agriculture 

Agricultural and Environmental Management (BA)
Agro Business and Landscape Management (AP)
Environmental Technologist (AP)

IT and Technology

Automation Engineering (AP)
Automotive Technology (AP)
Business Economics and Information Technology (BA)
Computer Science (AP)
IT Network and Electronics Technology (AP)
Production Technology (AP)
Product Development and Integrative Technology (BA)
Software Development (BA)

Web, Media and Communication

Digital Concept Development (BA)
Multimedia Design and Communication (AP)
Web Development (BA)