Mission, vision and values


We want to contribute to the development of companies by ensuring new knowledge and competent employees.


We want to educate whole people – their whole working life – close to practice.


The Academy’s values have been the 5 Fs for many years:

  • Fast
  • Focus
  • Flexible
  • Friendly
  • Fun

The background for Business Academy Aarhus’ mission and vision

Business Academy Aarhus developed the above mission and vision in connection with the strategic framework contract for 2022-2025, which was signed in 2021.

Strategic framework contract for Business Academy Aarhus 2022-2025 (pdf in Danish only)

The Academy’s contribution to a company’s development happens via our research and development activities, the competencies of our graduates when recruited, and our continuing education of the workforce throughout their working life.

This presupposes that the Academy’s programmes are attractive to both students and companies. There is an increasing need for adaptation for both full-time and part-time educational programmes to be able to adapt to the skills needed by receiving companies and for skills development to be integrated throughout peoples’ working lives.

Furthermore, the Academy’s new vision of educating whole people reflects the fact that we see a need for increased focus on both professional and personal competencies, and that the demand for this is from students and companies.