We manage a lot of projects in collaboration with companies and knowledge institutions.

Read about a few of our selected research and innovation projects here and be inspired.  

Reducing spoilage in plant-based foods

New insights into microbiological spoilage will shorten product development for plant-based foods

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Purification of stormwater runoff

Can we find a water purifying method for the drainage of stormwater?

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Flipped classroom – opportunities and barriers?

This research project examines whether video in teaching improves students' motivation and academic level.

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Small data - Big business

Webshops must use ‘small’ data efficiently in their business development.

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Smart glasses in agriculture

This research project will streamline workflows in agriculture using Google Glass and the development of new applications.

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Trust in agriculture in Eastern Europe

What is the value of trust in Danish agricultural companies abroad?

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Research with business sense

What do research & innovation activities at Danish Business Academies have in common?

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