Study at Business Academy Aarhus, School of Applied Sciences

A flexible pathway to higher education

Choosing a programme is a major life decision, and finding out which programme is right for you is not always easy.

At Business Academy Aarhus, School of Applied Sciences, we offer both Academy Profession degree programmes (AP degrees) and Bachelor's degree programmes. An AP degree programme corresponds to the first two years of a Bachelor's programme. The programme provides qualifications in itself but may also be a dynamic way to get a longer education. Therefore, you can either start working directly after your final exams, or you can continue your studies with a Bachelor’s degree on one of our top-up programmes, or at another institution in Denmark or abroad.

For an official description of the Danish higher education system, please visit the website of the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education

Studying at Business Academy Aarhus

When you embark on a higher education programme with us, you'll get:

  • a top-quality internationally recognised degree
  • combined theory and practice in small classes of 20-35 students, which ensures close contact between lecturer and students
  • focus on learning in small teams, with real-life cases in collaboration with companies
  • a compulsory internship as well as excellent job opportunities during and after your studies
  • a great international experience in a vibrant, active and culturally diverse city
  • Danish lessons on campus
  • plenty of other social activities.

Your career starts with your education

No matter whether you are looking for an internship or your first job after graduation, Business Academy Aarhus’s Career Centre can provide you with the inspiration, tools and assistance you need. As an Academy student, you can participate in various courses and workshops such as help with applications, CVs and job interviews. We also provide individual assistance and advice.

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A truly international focus

We have about 400 international students from many places around the world. If you choose one of our programmes taught exclusively in English, you will study with students from many different countries. All teaching and the exams are in English. Internationalisation not only takes place in the classrooms but also in the many social activities we offer.

Prepare for the future with your internship

As a student at Business Academy Aarhus, you will take part in a compulsory internship where you will be able to use your knowledge in practice. This 2-10 month internship (typically 3-5 months) will give you a chance to experience:

  • Relevant real-life learning in a company
  • Networking and experience that may lead to a future job
  • Working in an international company

Each year Business Academy Aarhus cooperates with more than 800 companies in Denmark and abroad, for example, Carlsberg, Ikea, Nordea Bank, Novo Nordisk and Porsche USA.

You can choose to take your internship anywhere in the world, and within Europe, you can get an Erasmus grant to cover the costs involved in taking your internship in a foreign country. At Business Academy Aarhus we cooperate with organisations and companies to help with internships in for example Malaysia, Shanghai, Canada and Tanzania.

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