Tuition fees

There is no tuition fee for:

  • Danish students
  • Students from the EU/EEA countries
  • Students with a permanent residence permit in Denmark
  • Students with a temporary residence permit with the possibility of obtaining a permanent residence permit in Denmark ('mhp. varigt ophold' or 'mmf. varigt ophold')
  • Students with a temporary residence permit with reference to the following paragraph: §7 stk. 1, 2 & 3; §8 stk. 1 & 2 ; §9 stk. 1 ; and §9c stk. 1

All other students must pay full tuition fees.

Tuition fees for non-EU citizens

Students are required to pay the tuition fee for the first semester, prior to the semester starting. Failure to pay this instalment will result in an annulment of your application.

Before each semester starts, students must pay (in advance) for the next semester. Failure to pay these instalments prior to the semester's start may result in expulsion from the Academy. In all circumstances, the immigration service will be informed, which may have implications for your visa.

Tuition fee terms and conditions (pdf) 

Tuition fees only cover tuition expenses.

The fees do not cover living expenses like accommodation, food and leisure, or other expenses related to the programme like study tours and reading materials.

Programme tuition

Valid from 2023. Currency exchange rates are calculated at a set rate of 7.5 DKK per Euro

Multimedia Design (AP - 2 years):

  • Per semester: €4,900 | 36,750 DKK
  • Whole programme: €19,600 | 147,000 DKK

Digital Concept Development (Top-up - 1½ years):

  • Per semester: €5000 | 37,000 DKK
  • Whole Programme: €15,000 | 112,500 DKK