The quality system at Business Academy Aarhus ensures that we develop high quality programmes and subjects - both from an educational perspective and from a learning perspective. We focus on both traditional quality assurance and quality improvement and development.

Objectives of our quality system

Business Academy Aarhus works according to the following nine quality objectives:

  1. The programmes are relevant and correspond to the needs of the labour market
  2. The programmes are well designed and there is a correlation between the objectives, content, teaching and learning methods as well as the exams
  3. The students achieve good exam results
  4. The students are motivated and active partners in the educational process
  5. The students are satisfied with our teaching, programmes, support services and facilities
  6. The students have a high completion rate
  7. Our graduates obtain appropriate employment or engage in further education
  8. The programmes are up-to-date regarding the development of careers, professions and research
  9. Completed innovation projects have value for students, the programmes and companies

In order to follow up on our objectives, we continuously implement a series of evaluations and surveys, which among other things include student well-being, teacher evaluations and internship evaluations. In addition, we monitor the development of the student population, average marks, drop-out rates etc. You can read more about each survey, and view the results, via the menu on the right.

More statistics and analysis

On the Ministry of Higher Education and Science’s website you can also find additional information about education statistics and analysis (in Danish only) and on Uddannelseszoom you can compare programmes according to, for example, industry, salary, unemployment and completion rates (in Danish only).