How We Work

About Research and Innovation

Business Academy Aarhus’ research and innovation activities are managed by our 20-25 committed employees.

We consist of permanent staff with administrative duties as well as a broad range of project managers, who also teach on the Academy’s various degree programs. In this way, we ensure a close link between development and education.

The Department of Research and Innovation was established in 2013, and the office is located at Business Academy Aarhus’ main building at Sønderhøj 30, DK-8260 Viby J, Denmark.

Interdisciplinary collaboration

Research and innovation activities must, among other things strengthen the Academy’s teaching, so that this is based on the latest research and knowledge.

At the same time, it must further strengthen our cooperation with small and medium-sized companies as well as other knowledge institutions.

We have extensive cooperation with more than 1000 different companies - including project collaborations and research and innovation activities. In addition, Business Academy Aarhus has more than ten years of experience with collaboration projects with other knowledge institutions and companies.

We have a practice-orientated vision

Our vision is to prepare the business and the education community for the future through practice-orientated research and innovation activities.

We produce new knowledge through projects

Our projects cover a wide range of disciplines and purposes – ranging from marketing to specific societal challenges. Our primary focus and driving force are our research and innovation projects, which generate new knowledge that is application-orientated and targeted at companies and our educational programmes.

We conduct our projects in collaboration with companies, students and other knowledge institutions. We therefore cooperate with noted researchers for different fields from, for example, the University of Southern Denmark and Aarhus University.

We have about 15-20 ongoing projects at any given time.

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Focus on competency development

We focus on our employees’ competency development. The aim is to provide quality-orientated results. Our employees’ individual competency development is complemented by a competency development day approximately every other month, in which all staff participate in a joint workshop with various academic discussions and themes.

How we work with research and innovation

The eight Danish business academies have agreed on a joint declaration for the research and innovation activities.

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1. We research current issues

At the business academies, we work with applied research, development and innovation, which benefits our educational programmes, companies and society. Our projects are always based on current issues, and we implement them in interaction with both students and companies. This means that the results can be used in practice.

2. Our research is used in teaching

The results from our applied research and development are used in teaching so that we continuously contribute to improving the quality of our educational programmes. This means that we provide the students with an education that is always based on the most recent knowledge of development and innovation processes.

3. We have business sense, our knowledge can therefore be applied

Similarly, research, development and innovation projects must generate results that can be used by the specific company we are working with. In a broader context, the results provide new solutions for growth and innovation. Our business sense and knowledge of particularly SMEs means that we can apply our knowledge to these companies.