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Green X 2 - into the rewilded

The value of nature in lifestyle and outdoor experience as a potential in business development and partnerships.

Green X 2 - the experience economy and 'the value of nature' are reconceived within the framework of sustainable transition. Both as a conceptual framework and operational practice, with a particular focus on design tools for outdoor experiences and the sector's business stakeholders. 

The goal is to provide and convey understanding of different categories of 'the value of nature' for:

  1. Application in sustainable (people, planet, profit) experience design and product development,
  2. Communication and branding efforts related to these 

Aim and background

The project is based on and integrates theory and practices developed in the Green X Research Project (Aug. 2022-December 2023).

The project is based on Denmark's current 'Coastal and Nature Tourism' initiatives, with VisitDenmark's national branding strategy (2020), and campaign (Aug. 2023), as well as with the tourism sector's strategic and practical approaches.

The project deals with two aims:

Value creation

Contribute to value creation in outdoor experiences and to the sustainable foundation of product and experience development.

The value creation is concerning the current needs and trends that the tourism and experience sector is addressing at destination and company levels (both small and medium sized companies, tourism actors and retail actors).

  • Through interviews and data collection, the project explores how nature is valued in 'use of nature,' 'activities in nature,' 'behavior in nature,' and 'nature itself', e.g.  we examine nature-orientated accommodation options, product development, and codes of conduct.


Test the scalability of the experience design principles developed in the Green X Research Project, which focuses on sustainable development, such as the concept of planetary stewardship, at both destination and event levels.

  • The purpose is to juxtapose these principles against the experiential potential of the value of nature to explore how a green experience economy can contribute to enhancing sustainable development in product and experience design (both in a practical and strategic direction).
  • The theoretical approach consists of: Experience economy and experience and event design, recent theories within sustainable transition (based on 3P values), and within Outdoor Studies with a particular focus on sustainable event management (footprint, impact, legacy).
  • With a focus on value creation for the consumer experience and in business partnerships, the 'role of nature,' 'perceived nature value,' and 'the representation of nature' in different cultural contexts are clarified.

The project's methodology

The project is done empirically through qualitative interviews with involved stakeholders and experts within the related industries.

This is contextualized through a literature review of what could be termed as 'the potentials of the value of nature', incorporating key concepts such as 'nature education' (Ahlburg and Beck 2021, Gerner Nielsen and Ortmann 2022), 'nature value' (Agger, Arler, and Fink 2002, Mill 1996), and 'nature capital' (Ahlburg and Beck 2021, Danish Society for Nature Conservation 2023).

Additionally, professional fields within the outdoor-based tourism and experience sector are explored to test and further develop principles from the green experience economy (Green X, op. cit.).


First, the project aims to clarify the qualities and potential benefits from collaborating on outdoor/lifestyle-based products:
This is based on the hypothesis that the project's inclusion of ethics, nature value, education, and capital provides an expanded perspective on the outdoor-based tourism and experience sector. This, in turn, enables the derivation of sustainable principles for designed outdoor experiences that realize their sustainable potential and potentially enhance the experiential value.
Second, the project introduces the green experience economy into outdoor tourism, where scalability is tested and further developed.
Informed by these insights the project's business purpose is:

With a focus on 'systemic sustainability challenges' and 'outdoor and tourism trends' the project aims to equip industry stakeholders to create and design sustainably balanced outdoor experiences and events in practice.

The goal of the project's product and experience design proposals is to be applicable in commercial- and experience formats targeting a broader, current, and product-based lifestyle segment.


  • Academic output: Autumn 2024
  • Conference-paper presentation
  • Business orientated output: Spring 2025  
  • Online Research Report
  • Education-orientated output Spring 2025
  • Theoretical literature review (Business Academy Aarhus- working paper series)


Business partner: Eventyrsport

Project period

January 15, 2024 – February 1, 2025

Project Manager:

Palle Nørgaard


Senior Lecturer

Project Manager:

Magnus Hultberg


Senior Lecturer