Student jobs

Many international students choose to work while living in Denmark to help support themselves. Be aware that learning a little Danish will help you greatly in your search, but there are jobs available for those not speaking Danish as well.

The kind of student job you may find if you do not speak Danish will, of course, be limited to jobs not requiring Danish speaking skills. These typically include:

  • Cleaning
  • Restaurants and cafés
  • Stocking shelves in a supermarket
  • Newspaper distribution companies.
  • Factory work and temping agencies
  • Babysitting for international families

If you have special skills, like for example computer programming, it may be easier to find a job. 

Where to find student jobs

Part time jobs for students can be found through the Academy's job and internship portal, local newspaper ads (some local newspapers are free, for example, 24timer, Aarhus Onsdag), social media job groups, job portals, through specialised agencies or through word of mouth from other students who already have a job or who have been in Aarhus for some time. 

It is also possible to do some freelance work to earn some extra money. One popular service is through the Happy Helper, a freelance cleaning service, another is Handy Hand, a freelance handyman service.

Please note though: as a freelancer, you do not have a fixed contract and you will have to do your own taxes at the end of the year.

Studying and working

Your studies should be the primary focus, and we do not recommend that you work more than 15 hours per week so that you can still manage your studies. Your education is classed as full-time, and you should then consider class time, projects, self-study and readings to take roughly 37 hrs per week on average. 

Part-time jobs beside your studies are manageable. Weekend work is ideal, but it is also possible to fit in suitable work hours before or after classes as well, depending on your programme schedule.

Work permit

Get information about work permits


As a student worker, you can expect a wage of around 100-120 DKK (13-15 EUR) per hour, before tax.