Get A Student As An Intern

Get a student as an intern

Prepare for the future. Every year a large number of Danish and international companies cooperate with our students concerning their internship.

Getting an intern from a Danish higher euducation programme is a golden opportunity for you and your company to:

  • implement analyses, development tasks, calculations, campaigns or design assignments for example that otherwise there would not be time for
  • get new ideas, new angles and new knowledge
  • get a good recruitment base and the opportunity to try out a prospective employee in practice
  • get help solving daily tasks in the company
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Place an advert in our job portal - and get an intern

You can find an intern by placing an advert in our job portal. It’s free, and your advert will be available to all students who are looking for an internship company.

Visit our job portal here (in Danish)

Which competencies does your company need?

We offer a variety of higher education programmes, and our students therefore represent a very wide range of different competencies. 

Most of our programmes are taught in Danish but all our students all have an international mindset. 

Some of our programmes are listed here - to give you an idea of our variety of higher education programmes. Click on a programmes to read more about the possibilities of an internship cooperation. 

What a Danish intern can do

With an intern from a Danish higher education programme, you will get a colleague in your company for about 1/2 year who:

  • can give you valuable insight into Danish/Nordic culture, history and norms
  • can help you enter Danish, Nordic or other foreign markets
  • can maintain and strengthen your existing international collaborations
  • can take a fresh look at your company, work culture or processes
  • is academically skilled, with the latest knowledge and many good ideas

Students who choose to do their internship abroad are often courageous, curious, ambitious, goal-orientated, committed and have a lot of motivation. In addition, they are good at languages – everyone can speak English, and most also master other languages such as German, French, Spanish, Swedish or Norwegian.

We also have international students on 2 English-language programmes (Multimedia Design and Digital Concept Development) who have a different cultural background to the Danes. The procedure for an intern agreement is the same whether you choose a Danish or an international intern.

Requirements for the internship company

In order to ensure the company and the student have a good internship period; we have a number of requirements for our internship companies:

  • An internship company must have sufficient resource capacity to offer the intern. We have experienced that a one-man company, in which the student accounts for the owner’s entire production capacity, does not fit the internship concept, just as it is not optimal that a company bases its operation solely on interns each semester.
  • As a general rule, an internship company can only have 1 intern per 5 employees and the number of interns should not make up more than half of the employees.*
  • Please note that a student at an undergraduate level must be able to solve tasks on a more advanced level than a student studying at the Academy Profession level.

However, when the quality of a specific internship is assessed, the following aspects will be taken into consideration as well:

  • Is there an academic adviser committed to the individual intern?
  • Are the work assignments specific and varying?
  • Do the tasks have a professional relevance and do they provide the student with a good foundation for learning during the internship period?

In addition, each programme might have special requirements for the internship companies. Choose the programme the intern comes from and then find the document with the specific requirements under the item "Download documents for more information".


* This is an exception in a start-up where a company with a few employees may have a sufficient number of development projects or ongoing innovation processes for the learning objectives of an intern to be fulfilled.