Get a student as an intern

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Every year a large number of companies cooperate with our students concerning their internship

An internship cooperation is a golden opportunity for you and your company to:

  • implement analyses, development tasks, calculations, campaigns or design assignments for example that otherwise there would not be time for
  • get new ideas, new angles and new knowledge
  • get a good recruitment base and the opportunity to try out a prospective employee in practice
  • get help solving daily tasks in the company

How to get in an intern

You can find an intern by placing an advert in our job portal

It’s free, and your advert will be available to all students who are looking for an internship company.

See our requirements for internship companies here

Which competencies does your company need?

We offer a variety of higher education programmes, and our students therefore represent a very wide range of different competencies.

Click on the various programmes to read more about the possibilities of an internship cooperation:

Biotechnical, Food and Process Technology

Chemical and Biotechnical Science (AP)
Chemical and Biotechnical Technology and Food Technology (BA)


Business Economics and Information Technology (BA)
Financial Management and Services (BA)
Innovation and Entrepreneurship (BA)
International Sales and Marketing (BA)
Marketing Management (AP)
Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management (AP)

Environment and Agriculture 

Nature and Agricultural Management (BA)
Agro Business and Landscape Management (AP)
Environmental Technologist (AP)

IT and Technology

Automation Engineering (AP)
Automotive Technology (AP)
Business Economics and Information Technology (BA)
Computer Science (AP)
IT Security (BA)
IT Technology (AP)
Production Technology (AP)
Product Development and Integrative Technology (BA)
Software Development (BA)

Web, Media and Communication

Digital Concept Development (BA)
Multimedia Design (AP)
Web Development (BA)

Good Danish skills help international students get an internship

After just one year in Denmark, Bertold Bocskor from Hungary got an internship where most of the work takes place in Danish.

Get Bertold's advice to international students

Build a bridge to new markets with an international intern

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