Student and Academy Council

Student Council - on each programme

Most of the programmes at the Academy have their own Student Council. The Student Council allows you to have a say on your programme and organises social activities across classes. Each class elects two representatives to represent them in the Student Council. The Student Council works closely with the interdisciplinary Academy Council.

Academy Council - representing all the Academy's programmes

The Academy Council is the student's opportunity to have a direct say on their daily life as a student at Business Academy Aarhus.

The Academy Council's primary job is to create good relationships for all the students, across all classes, programmes and nationalities at the Academy. The Academy Council represents the Academy's students in the formal bodies - this includes nominating two candidates for the Academy's Board of Directors. 

The Council meets regularly with management representatives for hearings and discussions of topics such as student satisfaction surveys, policies aimed at students, facilities, the canteen etc. The Academy Council works closely with the Student Councils on each programme. Furthermore, the Academy Council receives input for relevant interdisciplinary topics directly from students.

The Council's members strive to represent as many programmes as possible. Student Councils nominate members for the Academy Council.

The Academy Council normally holds two meetings per semester. 

See 'Rules of procedure for the Academy Council, revised May 2019' (pdf)

The Academy Council gets funding from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.


You can contact the Academy Councils chairperson via