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Digital Concept Development

The programme is a top-up degree for AP degrees in Multimedia Design, Marketing Management, Design Technology and Business or Computer Science.

It was developed in cooperation with design bureaus, web agencies and companies. The programme takes 1½ years and is a dynamic way to get a longer, higher education degree and additional job opportunities.

This entire programme is taught in English.

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Information for new students

Prepare for your study start in August 2024. Find book lists, intro programmes, activity plans and much more online here - and get ready for your first day at Business Academy Aarhus.

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Get strategic and practical knowledge about digital concepts

With a bachelor’s degree in Digital Concept Development, you will be qualified to develop digital concepts that support your company's activities on digital platforms. You will be well equipped to carry out strategic considerations, plan tactical guidelines and develop practical solutions which focus on concrete technologies and digital user experiences.

You'll get to work with the subject through dialogue-based teaching, project-orientated group work and individual assignments. We prioritise having continuous cooperation with relevant companies and organisations who contribute with concrete cases, experience, and knowledge.

Do you want to be a UX designer?

You will get competencies within digital technologies, digital marketing, digital design, and digital communication. You will get knowledge and tools that qualify you for a job within digital product and service development.

You will be qualified to work in companies where the running, development and further improvement of digital commerce, digital communication, and design concepts and interactive digital solutions are all in focus. You can be employed, for example, as a UX designer, concept developer of digital solutions, or a web designer.

Go abroad as part of your degree

You can choose to join a summer school, do an exchange semester or do your internship abroad as part of the programme. 


The programme consists of three semesters. During the third semester, you specialise further through your internship and your bachelor’s project. Based on the internship and the bachelor project, you can create the academic profile that you want to be your competitive edge in a future job.


For your internship, you will join a relevant company or organisation of your own choice where you will take part in the daily routines and projects. You will be in a professional, technical environment, and the theoretical and hands-on experience you have learnt from the programme will need to be utilised when you have to attend to specific assignments. The internship takes place immediately before the final examination project. 

Final examination project 

Most students use their internship for the final examination project. You must specialise in a defined area within digital concept development through your project work.

Do you have any questions?

Our student and career counsellors can help you with more in-depth information about our programmes, and be your sparring partner to help you to make the right programme choice.

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Apply for admission

Here is information about admission requirements and how to apply for the Digital Concept Development programme at Business Academy Aarhus.

Admission requirements

To be admitted into this degree programme, you must have completed one of the following programmes:

  • AP Degree in Computer Science
  • AP Degree in Design, Technology and Business
  • AP Degree in Entrepreneurship and Design
  • AP Degree in Multimedia Design
  • AP Degree in Marketing Management
  • AP Degree in Service Hospitality and Tourisme Management *

See which assessment criteria we use to process applications

If you are applying without a qualifying Danish AP degree – but have a comparable educational degree – we will evaluate your actual competencies and motivation. Contact our student counselling at or phone 7228 6020 to learn about your options and any possible additional requirements.

* If you have graduated from the Service Hospitality and Tourism Management programme, you can apply for admission at Business Academy Aarhus without any additional supplements.

English requirements

In order to be admitted to the programme, you must have documented qualifications in English.

How to apply

If you meet the admission requirements, you can apply for admission regardless of your qualifying exam average. We will consider all received applications.

There is admission to this programme once a year, with study start in August. You apply through NemStudie. You can apply from 1 February.

Read about admission quotas, calculation of averages, waiting lists and much more

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In the 3rd semester, you will do an internship in a company.

In your internship you will get to test your newly acquired skills in a company and get insight into future work assignments and career opportunities. You will be able to connect your theoretical knowledge with practical experience and at the same time strengthen your CV.

In the internship, you can test a specific field of work and then focus your programme in relation to your career plans. As part of your internship, you must write a project report which is based on a problem statement from the company. Here, you will have the opportunity to specialise within your specific interests.

The internship is a mandatory part of your programme, and it is your responsibility to find an internship company. To help, we have a wide range of tools and contacts available, e.g. via our job and internship portal.

Get advice from our student, Teddy, on how to find an internship in Denmark

Examples of internship companies

Your internship can be taken in a company in Denmark or abroad. Here are some examples of internship companies:

Learning Danish helped Silvia integrate into the Danish community

Learning Danish is important because it helps you integrate into society. Silvia notes, “Yes, people speak English, but it will be easier to get to them and their culture if you speak Danish.”

Meet Silvia here

Cooperation with a lot of companies

Business Academy Aarhus cooperates closely with a wide range of private and public companies. Contact with the business community creates real-life teaching – for the benefit of the students, the programme and the companies.

You will, first and foremost, encounter cooperation with the business community in connection with project work and your internship. We also invite guest speakers to contribute with their experience and the latest trends from the business community. For exams, we also use co-examiners from the business community.

We evaluate all internships

Twice a year we evaluate whether internships meet the expectations of the students and the companies.

See the results here

Career options

By studying Digital Concept Development, you will be able to create upcoming user experiences on the web or other digital platforms.

You will typically find jobs within:

  • Web and design agencies: these could be agencies with digital user experiences as a speciality or agencies who are more broadly based within the field of digital product and service development, digital communication, or concept design.
  • Companies or organisations with functions in digital product and service development: these could be all companies that have an internal function within digital product and service development and communication or companies who want to develop their digital profile.

Your job may for example be:

  • a UX designer/consultant/researcher
  • a digital designer
  • a digital product developer
  • an interaction designer
  • a digital project manager / project assistant
  • a digital business developer
  • a digital content coordinator
Sorin From Romania Develops IT Solutions For Danske Banks Investment Customers

Sorin develops IT solutions for Danske Bank's investment customers

28-year-old Sorin Barbu loves to work in Denmark because innovation thrives in the digital field. As a UX Designer at Danske Bank, Sorin's ideas are for new, usable online services.

Read how Sorin got his first job

Continue with your education

A Bachelor's top-up degree from Business Academy Aarhus is a dynamic pathway to higher education. A Bachelor's top-up degree is equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree from a research university. A number of our graduates enrol in relevant post-graduate or Master's programmes in Denmark or abroad. Please note that you may need to take supplementary courses to meet the admission requirements.

Below are examples of Master’s degrees that have admitted our graduates. There might be other options for further education.

Do you want to know more?

If you want to continue studying, you can get counselling from the educational institution that you want to be admitted to. You are also welcome to contact our student and career counsellors for further information about careers and further education.

Student life

When you embark on a higher education programme with us, you'll get:

  • a top-quality internationally recognised degree
  • combined theory and practice in small classes of 20-35 students, which ensures close contact between lecturer and students
  • focus on learning in small teams, with real-life cases in collaboration with companies
  • a compulsory internship as well as excellent job opportunities during and after your studies
  • a great international experience in a vibrant, active and culturally diverse city
  • Danish lessons on campus
  • plenty of other social activities. 

Find more information on student life at Business Academy Aarhus

Info for international applicants

There are a lot of practical matters you need to know in order to get a good start and have a pleasant stay in Denmark.

Read about permits, tuition fees, housing etc. here

Study satisfaction

Every two years we carry out – in cooperation with the Ministry and together with the other Danish educational institutions – a survey of the study satisfaction among our students. The survey is called ‘Danmarks Studieundersøgelse’.

See the latest results from ‘Danmarks Studieundersøgelse’ at Business Academy Aarhus here

Compare Higher Education programmes

On Uddannelseszoom (info only available in Danish), you can compare results from the ‘Danmarks Studieundersøgelse’ across all higher education institutions in Denmark. You can, among other things, compare salary levels and see how graduates got their first job.

Teaching evaluation

Every year we carry out a lecturer evaluation where our students evaluate the teaching they receive.

See the results of the latest teacher evaluation here

Do you have any questions?

Our student and career counsellors can help you with more in-depth information about our programmes, and be your sparring partner to help you to make the right programme choice.

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