Housing for exchange students

Practical information about housing provided by Business Academy Aarhus

Business Academy Aarhus does not own any student accommodation, nor do we have any on-campus accommodation.

However, to be able to offer accommodation to exchange students, Business Academy Aarhus has access to rooms in a dormitory [kollegier] close to our campus in Viby. Many Danish and international students from various educational institutions throughout Aarhus live in dormitories. The dorms are state-owned and were built in the 1960s.

As an exchange student at Business Academy Aarhus, you will be able to apply for one of these rooms through the international office. If you choose not to apply for housing through Business Academy Aarhus, it will be your responsibility to find a place to live. As finding housing is quite difficult in Aarhus – especially from abroad – we advise you to start looking for housing as soon as possible if you do not want housing through us. Please also note that most rental housing not obtained through us will be unfurnished.

NB: Exchange students are not allowed to apply for housing directly to Student Housing Aarhus.

Where to stay

Business Academy Aarhus has access to rooms at Ravnsbjerg dormitory [kollegier] close to our campus in Viby. Address: Risdalsvej 34-48, 8260 Viby.

We do not have any on-campus accommodation.

Ravnsbjerg Kollegiet (dormitory) has 432 rooms in all, 54 flats, and more than 580 residents. You will have a private bedroom and bathroom but will need to share the kitchen with up to 12 other students. Ravnsbjerg is located in Viby in the southern part of Aarhus – very close to Business Academy Aarhus. Besides rooms and flats, you will find a multimedia room, a sauna, a bar, a nursery school and other activity rooms.

There is no reception at Ravnsbjerg, but you can contact the caretaker if you have any questions regarding your accommodation.

How to get from Ravnsbjerg to Business Academy Aarhus, Sønderhøj Campus

Bus 4A from Søndervangs Allé/Søndervangen to Holme Ringvej/Pihlkjærsvej. Direct route every 10 minutes. The trip takes 2 minutes. You need to walk 20 minutes to/from stops.

The Academy is also easily accessible by bike.

Pictures from Ravnsbjerg

What to expect from your dormitory

All the rooms have access to a common kitchen, and private toilet and bathroom facilities. Business Academy Aarhus will make sure all the rooms have basic furniture: bed, table, chair, lamp as well as a duvet and a pillow. The room will not be decorated, so you might consider bringing some things to personalise your room.

You need to bring bed linen (single bed) and towels. These items can also be bought in stores such as Jysk and IKEA in Denmark.

Your kitchen will only have basic kitchen utensils (knife and fork, spoon, plate, glass, cup, pot and pan) so if you need a coffee machine, kettle, rice cooker, or microwave etc., you need to get it.

Not all rooms have wireless internet access, but wireless modems are cheap in Denmark.

Housing period in a dormitory

Exchange students will usually be offered housing for the period of 1 July – 31 December (for the autumn semester) or 1 January – 30 June (for the spring semester).

Therefore, you need to pay rent for this six-month period even though you might only study for five months - otherwise, we can't secure housing for exchange students.

The start date of the lease may differ among the different exchange students, this is because before we can offer you a room, the current exchange student living in that room must have left.

Furthermore, you must respect the deadlines for terminating your lease when your stay in Aarhus is coming to an end. You will need to move out of your room about 2 weeks before termination so that the room can be prepared for the next student (you will still need to pay rent for this time though).

Information about terminating your lease will be sent directly to you by e-mail by our International Office before the lease is up.

Housing fee

Exchange students renting a room through Business Academy Aarhus will be charged a non-refundable fee of €150.

This fee is required to cover Business Academy Aarhus’ expenses related to providing the housing service to exchange students. Our costs include payments to Student Housing Aarhus, our administration of your deposit and the first month's rent, the checking of your rooms and providing necessary furniture etc.

We will therefore not start the process of finding a room for you until we have registered your payment of this fee. Students will only then be allocated rooms. Instructions on how to pay the fee will be sent to you by e-mail before the semester starts.


The typical monthly rent for a room in a dorm is approximately € 375. If you accept the housing offer you are required to transfer the rent for the first month + a deposit (3 months rent) which is approximately € 1125 before moving in, all-in-all about € 1500. 

The deposit is our assurance that you will leave the room in the same condition that you received it. Any damages and lack of adequate cleaning of your room will be deducted from the deposit. You can also expect to have at least € 70 deducted for general wear and tear.

The deposit must be transferred before your arrival. Only your deposit and the rent for the first month are paid to Business Academy Aarhus.

Payments for the following months must be made directly to the central student housing association in Aarhus (Kollegiekontoret). Revolut, Wise and other transfer platforms have changed the format in which they move money globally. This means that when Kollegiekontoret receives a transfer made with Revolut for example, any information the sender types in (name, lease no. etc.) does not appear on the transfer receipt they receive. The only information available is the transfer date, amount and that that transfer has been made using Revolut. Therefore, when making payments using transfer platforms like Revolut, Wise etc., please send your receipt to husleje@kollegiekontoret.dk. This is the only way Kollegiekontoret can identify the sender. Please note there will be no response to receipt emails, but confirmation will be sent when the payment has been matched with the receipt.

Please note that upon arrival and departure, you will have to pay for a full month, even though you arrive/leave in the middle of a month. This is because for us to reserve the rooms in the dormitories for our exchange students, we need to apply for whole months.

House rules in a dorm

When you live in a dorm, it is important to have a pleasant and comfortable environment where everyone can live and study. It is essential to respect your neighbours and everyone must take part in the shared responsibilities at the dormitory, such as cleaning etc.

Insurance policies

It is your responsibility to insure yourself and your belongings while you are staying in Denmark as Business Academy Aarhus cannot cover any losses that may occur.

We highly recommend that you take out the following insurance policies either before or immediately after arriving in Denmark.

  • Liability insurance (ansvarsforsikring)
  • Accident insurance (ulykkesforsikring)
  • Home insurance (indboforsikring)

Large insurance companies such as TRYG, Alm. Brand Forsikring and Top Danmark have homepages in English. We also recommend Dr. Walter.


Moving in and out

Upon arrival, you need to collect your key from Business Academy Aarhus (Sønderhøj Campus) during office hours. You will receive more information as we get closer to your stay in Denmark.

The rooms need to be vacated about 2 weeks before the end of the month. This allows the caretaker to prepare the room for the next student. You will have to pay rent during this period of maintenance. 


Arriving and living in Aarhus

We recommend that you arrive in Aarhus at least a few days before the start of your classes. This will give you time to settle in and to get acquainted with the city before starting classes.

You can ask jour student assistant (your buddy) questions if you can't find the answers here. 

Getting to Aarhus

What to pack


The climate in Denmark varies but spring and summer are generally temperate or warm. Autumn and winter are rainy and windy, but the temperature during the day is rarely excessively cold although it can get below freezing. You will need warm clothing – a warm coat and waterproof shoes are advisable. 

Documents and Money

  • Tickets and insurance papers (including the blue EU health card if you are European)
  • Passport
  • 'Letter of Admission' and other relevant documents
  • Money and/or credit cards

Other Things

  • Laptop
  • Sheets/linen and towels. The Academy provides you with a duvet and a pillow
  • Adaptor for electrical appliances (220V)

Registration and CPR number

As an exchange student coming to Denmark, you will need to be registered in Denmark and get a so-called CPR number. Read more here

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