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Housing for full degree students

You must apply for housing as soon as you have decided to study in Aarhus – and before you receive your admission letter.

Business Academy Aarhus is unfortunately not able to offer housing as we do not have any dormitories.

However, you can apply for housing via Student Housing Aarhus (known as 'kollegiekontoret) or Basecamp Aarhus which administers residences for students across Aarhus. Student Housing Aarhus is cheaper and offer typical dormitory rooms. Basecamp is more expensive and further away from the Academy but brand new and offers a gym and cinema on the premises. 

How to apply for housing 

At Student Housing Aarhus/Basecamp you will find instructions in English on how to apply for a room.

You will also find a list of dormitories managed by Student Housing Aarhus. These are listed according to town areas and room types (single, couple, couple with children).

You should apply before you get to Aarhus - as the number of places are limited. The waiting times are also usually long, but most students are able to find housing if they apply early enough.

You can apply up to 6 months before the study start.

Please note that your application has to be renewed each month for Student Housing Aarhus and you need to at least 18 years old when the accommodation contract is signed. 

Apply for housing via Student Housing Aarhus

Apply for housing now

What to expect from your dormitory?

The dormitories have various standards as Student Housing Aarhus uses different buildings for student housing. The biggest student dormitories (where you have the best chance of actually getting a room) are Skjoldhøjkollegiet and Ravnsbjergkollegiet, which also offer furnished rooms.

Other long-term housing

There is also the possibility of renting a room or a flat on your own.

Get an overview of other long-term housing options (pdf)

However, beware of swindlers and never make any payment before physically viewing the accommodation and signing a legal contract. Make sure that you carefully read the contract’s terms.

Most landlords will require a deposit. Normally, you must pay a 1-month deposit for a room and a 3-month deposit for a flat. Ask for a separate receipt and do not pay cash. A bank transfer can be traced in the case of fraud.

And remember: If the offer sounds too good to be true – it probably is!

Short-term housing

If your long-term housing is not available when you arrive in Aarhus, there are several options for short-term stays. Please note, however, that these are rather expensive compared to the monthly rent of a student dormitory room.

Get an overview of short-term housing options (pdf)

Do you need any help?

The best advice you can probably get is from our current students, so we would advise joining the international Facebook group and ask any questions there.

If you have any questions you can also write to us at info@baaa.dk