Guidelines on which attachments you must upload with your application - AP degree programme

You must attach documentation for the information stated in your application. 

All documentation must be uploaded with your application before the application deadline.

Required attachments

You must upload the following documentation with your application:

Optional attachments

If you want to be assessed on additional qualifications to the required attachments (consistent to the Danish quota 2), you can attach documentation for the activities, that you want us to assess.

We will consider your activities according to the following criteria:

  • Other educational experience
  • Work experience (min. 30 hours per week for min. 16 weeks). Documentation must be an Employer's Declaration (pdf)
  • Activities for a min. 16 consecutive weeks, e.g. Danish folk highschool stays. Documentation can be certificates, contracts, etc.
  • Voluntary unpaid work for at least 1 year. Documentation can be, for example, a letter of reference.
  • Motivated application, which must be your answers in this form for a motivated application (word document). Your answers in this form contain reasons for your choice of programme, knowledge of the academic content of the programme and career perspectives. Download the form, fill it in and upload it with your application. Please note that we will only accept motivated applications when this form is used.

Please note that documentation for the above activities must be in English.

Upload attachments

You must upload all attachments with your application.

If you have applied via (study start in August), you must upload all attachments to this application.

If you have applied via (study start in January), you must upload all attachments via the link provided in your receipt email. You can get the receipt e-mail resent here

Do you have any questions?

We will contact you if we need any additional information to process your application.

If you have any additional questions about your application, you can contact us by email at or phone 7228 6130.