Studerende Studieliv Erhvervsakademi Aarhus 1310

4243 applications to Business Academy Aarhus

Business Academy Aarhus has received far more applications than there are study places for. Particularly, many applications for our IT programmes.

A total of 4,243 potential students applied to Business Academy Aarhus’ 30 (Danish) programmes. That's 303 more applications than last year and 9 percent more 1st priority applications.

Lots of interest for IT, marketing management and financial programmes

The Academy’s most popular programmes are still Marketing Management (only in Danish) with 788 applications, and Financial Management (only in Danish) with 695 applications.

There is a particularly strong demand to become an IT architect and Urban Landscape Engineer, applications have increased by 67% and 63% respectively for 1st priority applications, and our Computer Science programme received 27% more applications. All of these programmes are unfortunately only available in Danish.

‘For our IT programmes, we have a record year with 22% more applications, and we are also very pleased that more women than ever before are applying for these programmes,’ says Rector Anne Storm Rasmussen.

The only AP English language programme, Multimedia Design, received an overwhelming 362 applications, a 12% increase from last year.

Applicants will get an answer on 28 July

All the thousands of applicants will find out whether they have been accepted into their dream degree programme on Friday, 28 July.

Available study places will be published on our website on 28 July.

In August, about 2,400 new students will be admitted.


Number of applications (without top-up programmes)