For current and former students

You can find selected information for current and former students at Business Academy Aarhus on this page.

Please note that all of our current students can and must find all information regarding their programme on Study Update (our Intranet for students) and Canvas (the teaching platform for students).

Study Update and Canvas

Study Update is the name of the students’ intranet at Business Academy Aarhus. The name is self-explanatory - you will find updates about your programme, for example exam info, library info, free lectures, parking, canteen, IT support and current news and practical info from the administration.

From Study Update, you can also get access to the teaching platform Canvas.

Link to Study Update

Exam information

All current students can and must find all info about exams (including how to complain) on Study Update (the students’ Intranet).

If you don’t have access to Study Update any longer, you can find information about how to complain about exams  here: How to complain about exams

How to complain

All current students can and must find all the information and guidance for complaints on Study Update (The student’s intranet).

If you no longer have access to Study Update, you can find information and guidance about complaints here: How to complain

EAlumne - A network for Alumni

EAlumne is a network for all current and former students of Business Academy Aarhus.

The network is for those of you who would like to remain in contact with the Academy and your fellow students. EAlumne is an online network where you can sign up, fill out a profile and create or extend your professional network – both with current and former classmates and other alumni from the academy. Take part in exclusive academic and social events, as well as getting special member offers - membership is free.

Find out more about joining the EAlumne network

Order a copy of your diploma

Have you lost your diploma? In most cases, we can resend it to you.

Order a copy of your diploma here

Order a certification of your diploma

Do you need your diploma abroad? And therefore need to have a certification of your diploma? Then you can order it here.

Order a certification of your diploma here

Information before study start for your programme

Did you get accepted into one of our programmes - but haven’t had your first day of study? Then you can find important information, book lists, requirements for IT equipment and much more in our new student section:

Information for new students at Business Academy Aarhus

ServiceDesk IT help at the Academy

Get answers to all your questions about IT and systems at Business Academy Aarhus at ServiceDesk


Access your Academy email — no matter where you are — via Webmail