Studerende Uddannelse Aarhus MDU 7771

567 potential students want to study either Multimedia Design or Digital Concept Development in English

Business Academy Aarhus' two English-language programmes have once again received a record-breaking number of applications from all over the world. And once again, we received far more applications than we are allowed to accomodate.

A total of 774 applications, including 567 1st priority applications, were submitted to Business Academy Aarhus' two English-language programmes, Multimedia Design and Digital Concept Development, by the quota 1 deadline on 5 July.

That is 115 more applications than last year.

The applicants come from all over the world

With 774 applicants for 85 study places, these programmes are extremely difficult to get into.

Mila Ilieva Hristova from Bulgaria is one of the 362 people who applied to our Multimedia Design programme.

With only 36 study places, our two-year programme is one of the most difficult educational programmes in Denmark to get into.

‘I'm very nervous and super excited,’ says Mila Ilieva Hristova.

Mila wants to improve her job prospects

The 24-year-old Bulgarian came to Aarhus five years ago to take a bachelor's degree in Marketing Management at Aarhus University. An education that unfortunately has not opened any doors to the Danish labour market.

Now Mila hopes that by studying to be a multimedia designer, she can improve her job prospects.

‘If I don't get in, I'll learn Danish and apply for the Multimedia Design programme in Danish,’ says Mila Ilieva Hristova.

‘Fortunately, I have an average of almost 12 from high school in Bulgaria, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be accepted. I also submitted a video and a portfolio with some of my creative design projects with my application. I have a good gut feeling,’ she adds.

If she gets accepted and when she graduates, Mila would be eligible for a jobs such as a UX designer and App developer.

Former flight attendant and English teacher in China wants to study in Aarhus

Italian Beatrice Antonelli also wants to study on our Multimedia Design programme.

She already has an Italian bachelor's degree in language communication in English and French from her hometown in Pisa.

She speaks five languages, including Chinese, and has lived and worked abroad since the age of 23. This includes working as a flight attendant based in Abu Dhabi, and as an English teacher in China.

Moved to Aarhus because of Danish boyfriend

For the past few years, Beatrice has worked in customer service for a crypto trading platform and in October, the 32-year-old Italian moved to Aarhus with her Danish boyfriend.

‘I applied back in February and made a video where I talk about my ambitions and interest in the profession. I applied for this programme because I would like to combine my experience in the customer service profession with knowledge of more intuitive and user-friendly web navigation systems. For my 2nd priority, I applied for an English-language master's programme at Aarhus University,’ says Beatrice Antonelli.

Applicants will receive an answer on 28 July

All the thousands of applicants will find out whether they have been accepted into their dream degree programme on Friday, 28 July.

Available study places will be published on our website on 28 July.

In August, approximately 2,400 new students will be admitted to one of our 30 Danish-language or 2 English-language programmes.

Multimedia Design can only accept 36 students and the top-up programme in Digital Concept Development can only accept 49 students.