Natalia Slap Gennem Nåleøjet Og Fik Sin Drømmepraktik Som Digital Designer

Natalia squeezed through the eye of the needle and got her dream internship as a digital designer

Multimedia designer Natalia Blautenberg has nominated her internship at the software company Relesys, as the best internship company 2023.

During her internship as a digital designer at Relesys in Aarhus, Natalia has worked with code and design for ten different apps, including one for a large fitness chain.


The fact that Natalia excelled in a number of digital design disciplines such as UX and UI while thriving socially has meant that her internship was a top-class experience.

‘The internship has been life-changing for me in the way that it has fundamentally changed my view of my profession and taught me that design is about communication.’

Successful App factory

The software company Relesys A/S, with offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus, develops mobile first solutions for retail, manufacturing, transportation and hospitality industry.

Major customers such as Vestas, Salling Group, Lego House, Specsavers and Telia use Relesys' digital platform for internal communication, operations and employee training.

The App is customised to each clients branding and their internal needs.

Eye of the needle

Prior to that, Natalia had been through the eye of a needle to get the internship position. 90 applicants were there for only three places. 

‘Finding an internship as an international student is already difficult. At the same time, I was picky about job content because I wanted to work with design and code. During the application process, I was given a task that I took very seriously. So, when they offered me the internship, I was incredibly happy,’ says the 29-year-old multimedia designer, who is from Gdynia in Poland and has lived and studied in Denmark for the past two years.

Before coming to Aarhus to study, Natalia worked in the shipping industry. Her CV also includes a Polish bachelor's degree in graphic design and commerce.  

In-depth introduction

Two out of the ten weeks of internship were earmarked for a thorough introductory course. Halfway through, she and her supervisor evaluated how her well-being and development were going. Natalia was also invited to a coding and design workshop in Copenhagen, attended a customer meeting and met the founder of the software company, which has 100 employees.

‘It was amazing,’ she recalls.

‘They helped me all the time and I felt really taken care of. Everyone felt responsible for my professional development and was curious about me as a person. With a specially designed mentoring programme, I gained insight into their entire workflow.’


On all parameters, the internship at Relesys has exceeded Natalia's expectations.

‘I was overwhelmed by the atmosphere, which was happy, inclusive and creative. I have never in my life seen so many talented people and felt so welcome in a workplace,’ she says and adds: ‘the internship has broadened my horizons and shown me that I can do more than I thought. I've become better at communicating and putting my ideas into words, better at listening, and more confident in my multimedia design skills.’

Must compete against four other internships

Natalia's internship at Relesys is one of the five selected for the final of this year's internship award at Business Academy Aarhus.