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New student and difficulty reading and writing?

‘It's so important that you get help from the start so that you can keep up and don’t give up. This help gives you more time and energy,’ say dyslexic students.

If you are a new student and among the approximately 200,000 dyslexics in Denmark -

don’t give up!

As a dyslexic, you can apply for special pedagogical support (SPS) through your educational institution - and become part of a networking group for dyslexic students.

Contact SPS and avoid unnecessary obstructions

At Business Academy Aarhus, SPS counsellor Ulla Nørgaard encourages all students to contact her - even if they do not think they are dyslexic.

‘Some are only very mildly dyslexic. But it still creates obstacles in their educational career. And here, IT programs can ease their daily lives and give them more free time, as they do not need to spend so much time with their readings to get through the curriculum,’ says Ulla.

‘We really want to help you. So get in touch with us. Whether you are dyslexic or not, we are here to help you so that you have a great time studying,’ she adds.

In the Academy's network group for dyslexics, new and more experienced students help each other.

So, contact Ulla and stay updated bout news concerning SPS on Study Update.

'Without IT help, it would not have been possible'

In the 5th grade, Rune Høj Morthorst was diagnosed as dyslexic. Therefore, it came as no surprise to him that he also needed reading and writing support technology during his 3.5-year educational programme at Business Academy Aarhus.

‘You can get an education, even if you're dyslexic. But most dyslexics need to work extra hard just to keep up,’ says Rune, who therefore encourages new students to contact the SPS office immediately to either get tested or get help.

Help provides more time and energy

‘If you are diagnosed as dyslexic, you can get support. The support consists of IT tools, individual support hours, scanned texts that your computer can read aloud and extra time for writing assignments and exams. ‘It's so important that you get help from the start so that you can keep up and don’t give up. The help provides more time and energy,’ emphasises Rune, who graduated from our Bachelor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship programme.

‘There are lots of programs to help and you also get help to learn how to use the programs most efficiently. Without this help, I probably wouldn't have been able to complete my education,’ he says.