Invoice and logo information for partners

Invoice requirements

If you need to send an invoice to Business Academy Aarhus (in Danish: Erhvervsakademi Aarhus), please consult our requirements before you send your invoice.

Invoice requirements for international companies (pdf)

Check invoice requirements for domestic companies (in Danish)

Payment information

Please let us know who your contact person is when you are making a payment, which currency it is in and what it is for.

Business Academy Aarhus’ bank info is:

Bank: Danske Bank
Registration number: 0216
Account number: 4069150055
Branch: Copenhagen
IBAN: DK79 0216 4069 1500 55

Logo and pictures

External partners who need our logo and/or pictures of our campus and facilities can find the material below.

Download a zip file containing various Adobe Illustrator files, which gives you access to a scalable, vector-based logo.

Logo package (.zip)

Download photos of our rector, campus or facilities (text in Danish). Photos may be used freely under the following conditions: the images may only be used in direct relation to Business Academy Aarhus, which has the copyright to the photos and must be credited when used.

If you have any questions about usage rights, formats etc. concerning our logo or pictures, please contact our Campaign Manager, Pernille Tang Kristensen