Talent Strategy

We strive to ensure that we have targeted offers for particularly talented students.

We would like to support initiatives for particularly talented and ambitious students. Therefore, we provide a special programme, which could have a major impact on your studies and your professional career.

Read more in our talent strategy (pdf)

When are you a talent?

You are a talent when you are academically accomplished and committed. You are curious and ready to further develop yourself within these fields.

You do not necessarily have the highest marks in your class, but you and others have noticed that you are strong in the fields below.

You are strong academically, and you are devoted to your studies which is demonstrated through your motivation and willpower. You are able to lead yourself.

You can see the benefits of diversity and others’ competencies. You take responsibility for your personal development.

You can, in cooperation with others, implement a project or a task within a stated deadline.

You have strong communication skills, so that you are able to disseminate knowledge, ideas and solutions which are adapted to the target group and context.

You must have the drive to learn more about effective team collaboration, facilitation and conflict resolution.

You must want to work together with other students who have a different cultural or academic background than your own.

You want to develop your knowledge of innovative processes and work methods.

You would like to be included in a specific collaboration with companies and organisations, where you and your team can contribute with solutions to practical challenges.

You see opportunities instead of limitations.

You want to create an interdisciplinary, professional network, which you can use in your future career.

Ulla Haahr


Ulla Haahr

Head of Research

Mail: ulha@baaa.dk

Phone: +45 4188 6004