Get a student from the Innovation and Entrepreneurship programme as an intern

New ideas | New angles | New knowledge

Accepting a student from the Bachelor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship programme as an intern is an excellent opportunity for you and your company to team up with a student who is close to graduating and is trained to plan and carry out tasks relating to innovation and business development.

By agreeing to collaborate about an internship you can get:

  • Additional resources dedicated to solving development tasks within the company
  • The opportunity to test a potential future employee in real life
  • The opportunity to provide a student with valuable hands-on experience.

Most students produce their final Bachelor’s project for the company in continuation of the internship. The student’s project is a good opportunity for the company to, for example, look in detail at a specific issue, carry out an analysis or add resources to an existing development project.

Contact our Internship Coordinator

Dorthe Bohlbro Simmelsgaard


Head of Programme