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Best internship company for 2024 wanted!

Students from the Academy’s 28 higher education programmes can now nominate their internship company as Denmark's best internship company.

You and your internship company can now be a part of the race to be crowned as Denmark’s best internship experience.

Business Academy Aarhus invites all former and current students in an internship  – in Denmark or internationally – to take part in the competition.

Internships are the DNA of business academies

'This competition emphasises the valuable partnership we have with companies and our practice-orientated educational programmes, which is the DNA of business academies,' says  Anne Storm Rasmussen, Business Academy Aarhus’ Rector.

A tribute to good cooperation

The competition presents a perfect opportunity for the students to give their internship company a pat on the back and say thanks.
'During their internship, students get to use their skills and convert their knowledge into value. For many of our students, an internship also opens the door to a job', says Rector Anne Storm Rasmussen.

About this year's 'Best Internship Company':

The students nominate their internship company.

Students who have done their internship whilst doing their AP degree or their Bachelor top-up in autumn 2023 or spring 2024 can nominate the company they were at via this online form.

The internships are evaluated according to:

  • personal and professional development
  • the social experience
  • turning knowledge into value

Nominations for the best internship competition will be accepted until Sunday 31 March 2024.

How to participate in the competition

If you did your internship in the academic year 2023-2024, you can nominate your internship company via the online form.

The selection of the five best nominees is based on your nomination, so get the jury’s attention with good examples and explanations, which support precisely why your internship company should win.

International students can nominate their company via the same, English-language form (click on EN at the bottom of the form)

The winner will be chosen in the spring

A jury will select the Academy’s winner in April 2024.

The winner of Business Academy Aarhus’ Internship of the Year, together with the winners from the seven other business academies in Denmark, will present their internship experience to a national jury on Thursday 23 May 2024 at Scandic Strandpark in Copenhagen.

DKK 20.000 up for grabs for the winners

The jury consists of key people from the Danish business community. There is a DKK 10,000 cash prize (sponsored by HK Denmark) up for grabs for the winner and an additional DKK 5,000 each (sponsored by TL) for the Jury's Special Prize and the Audience’s Award, which are also awarded on the day.

Watch the video (1:01 minute) from the 2023 final at Scandic Kødbyen in Copenhagen (only in Danish):

9th year in a row

The competition will be held locally for the 9th year in a row and nationally for the 8th time.

Aarhus interns are often at the top of the podium

Students from Business Academy Aarhus are typically represented on the award’s podium at the national final every second year.

The Academy’s students and their internship companies have thus won the main prize four times, the Jury’s Special Prize twice and the Audience’s Award twice. For two years in a row, the Academy’s finalists were double winners.

  • In 2023 at Scandic Kødbyen in Copenhagen (pictured), Financial Management and Services student Sofie Jonasen and Normal won the Audience Award, after winning the best internship award at Business Academy Aarhus.
  • In 2022, at the Confederation of Danish Industry in Copenhagen, computer scientist Maria Nielsen and Vertica won the main prize AND the Audience’s Award after winning the best Internship award at Business Academy Aarhus.
  • In 2021, at the final at Centraværksted in Aarhus, Agro Business and Landscape Management student, Michelle Nielsen and Danish Agro, won the main prize AND the Audience’s Award, after winning the best internship award at Business Academy Aarhus.
  • In 2019, at the final in Børsen in Copenhagen, our Financial Management and Services student Louise Kjær Petersen and Ramboll Management Consulting won the Jury’s Special Prize, after winning the best internship award at Business Academy Aarhus.
  • In 2018, at the final in LEGO House in Billund, our Financial Management and Services' student Daniel Vistisen and the accounting company EY Aarhus won the main prize, after winning the best internship award at Business Academy Aarhus.
  • In 2016, at the final at the Odense Congress Center, our International Sales and Marketing student Mads Fuglsang Hedegaard and Dansk Supermarked Group won the main prize, after winning the best internship award at Business Academy Aarhus.

9,500 interns per year

An internship is compulsory for all of the Danish business academy higher education programmes.

Every year, more than 1,800 students from Business Academy Aarhus do an internship.

Nationwide, approximately 9,500 students from the eight Danish business academies do their internships each year.