Our different degree types explained

Degree programmes at Business Academy Aarhus

At Business Academy Aarhus we have three types of degree programmes taught in English - Academy Profession degrees (AP), Bachelor's degree programmes and Bachelor's top-up degree programmes. All of our degree programmes are recognised by the Danish Ministry of Education. They are also internationally recognised by the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

Academy Profession (AP) degree programmes

An Academy Profession (AP) degree is an undergraduate academic degree. This comprehensive 2-2½ year programme is similar to the first two years of a Bachelor degree and awards 120 ECTS. 

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Bachelor's programmes

A full Bachelor's degree programme lasts for 3½ years. You will be awarded 210 ECTS when you graduate and if you don't want to start working straight away, you can continue your studies in Denmark or abroad to get a Master's degree.

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Bachelor's top-up programmes

Once you have completed your AP degree, you can take another 1½ years of full-time studies and be awarded 90 ECTS. Your AP degree programme combined with the Bachelor's top-up programme is equivalent to a full Bachelor's degree.

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More Information

On our individual programme pages, you can read about the entrance requirements and how to get accepted into Business Academy Aarhus. You can find all the information about the documents we need from you to process an application, and you can also find the application information and deadlines etc.