For Knowledge Institutions

For knowledge institutions

At Business Academy Aarhus, we ensure that the latest knowledge from research and practice are part of our educational programmes.

At the same time, we convert existing knowledge into our context.

Collaborate with us on research and innovation projects

We offer a form of cooperation that allows your research to be closely practice and application orientated. We work with established researchers on virtually all our projects, and to name but a few, we cooperate with the University of Southern Denmark, Aarhus University and University College Zealand.

Therefore, in addition to well-founded projects, we establish a knowledge network between the business community, knowledge institutions, the Academy’s students as well as our lecturers.

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We have 20 years of practice-orientated experience

At Business Academy Aarhus, we develop and implement practice-orientated higher education. We have over 20 years of cooperation with companies and other educational institutions.

We work in the intersection between universities, knowledge institutions, university colleges and other business academies in Denmark and abroad. We have more than 1000 companies in our network, which we include in our research and innovation activities.

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