For Students And Lecturers

For students and lecturers

Be part of the research and innovation work at the Academy.

For students

You might encounter the Academy’s research and innovation work through your educational programme as we often involve students in our work. Students are, for example, involved in our research and innovation interdisciplinary process known as ‘Experts in Teams’.

An offer for student cooperation

Many of our projects, large and small, have students involved. Our activities represent all the academic programmes the Academy offers, so there are good opportunities to benefit from joining our projects – no matter what you are studying.

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We work with companies, other knowledge institutions and lecturers, and our offer to students is:

  • practical experience with research and innovation
  • direct cooperation with companies
  • extensive networking opportunities

You can also be part of our research and innovation work as an intern for example or in our Young Research & Development (R&D) Group, which is a specially selected junior consultant team.

Tasks, our students work with

There are many tasks. Former students have, among other things, worked with:

  • market and customer analyses, both nationally and internationally (e.g., questionnaires, case studies, interviews)
  • development and implementation of events
  • concept development
  • idea generation and development of business models, etc.
  • project management
  • Google Analytics

Why is research and innovation relevant to students?

Jobs are becoming more project-orientated, and research and innovation is part of an ever-increasing number of posts. By cooperating with us you will get experience to develop and transform ideas into practice, and you can add the experience to your CV.

You will be given the opportunity to be part of our team and participate in our work - for example by getting a workstation in our department.

Intellectual property rights for students

For students who participate in research projects: intellectual property rights generated by students participating in research projects under the auspices of our Research and Innovation department will automatically go to Business Academy Aarhus without charge unless an agreement has been made between the Academy and the student.

For students who participate in a case, innovation camps and/or idea-generating competitions: intellectual property rights generated by students participating in a case, innovation camps and/or idea-generating competitions etc. will automatically go to the students unless an agreement has been made between the student and the relevant company or organisation.

Contact us

Do you have an idea, or would you like to be included in a project? Contact us to get further information.

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For lecturers

We would like to ensure that you as a lecturer at the Academy, together with your students, reap the fruit of our extensive cooperation with companies and other knowledge institutions.

In cooperation with the business community, our research and innovation projects, will ensure the foundation for a knowledge network at the Academy which will benefit you in the form of interesting issues and cases for educational purposes.

You can find inspiration for new cooperation opportunities or find selected projects, which you can use in your teaching at Business Academy Aarhus.

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Department employees

In our department there are fulltime employees, as well as a team of lecturers whose time is split between their projects and their teaching. This helps create a balance between research and teaching, where results are used in the various competency centres.

Research and innovation work with companies

All Danish business academies have been given the task by the Ministry of Education to implement research and innovation activities. The most important reason for this is that business academies have a tradition of close cooperation with companies.

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Would you like to have a project elaborated or learn more about our cooperation agreements? 

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Ulla Appel Haahr


Head of Research